Ettore Antona
22 June 1931 13 January 2009

Picture of Professor Ettore Antona

This site is maintened by Margherita and Giuseppe Antona in memory of their father and in respect of what can now be considered as his last will. Large part of the presented contents have been elaborated by Ettore Antona himself. His last edit on the text under preparation was recorded on 08/01/2009.

Such text is presented in sections CV, Scientific Activities and Publications of this site. In preparing the hypertext version, care has been taken of avoiding as much as possible to modify the text and its structure.  The underlying rationale was to retain potential small inconsistencies rather than introducing modifications which could have altered the substance or the spirit of the presentation that Ettore Antona had felt as appropriate for his scientific and academic work.

Ettore Antona intended to make all his publications available on line. Accordingly, publications will be gradually added to this site as they become available. We thank all coauthors and/or copyright holders who have authorised or will authorise in the future the on-line availability of publications.

Graphic design, HTML implementation and English translation of the Italian original text are by Margherita Antona.We thank all those who have provided comments on the design and implementation of this site