Ettore Antona
22 June 1931 13 January 2009

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Prof. Ettore Antona

Outline of Scientific Activities

Analysis of objectives:
Development of methodological and cultural bases for the academic teaching of aerospace design

This activity consists in creating the basis for the development of a “school” where talented young engineers can find fertile ground for obtaining recognition at an international level, with reference to specific subdomains of design which, as a matter of fact, also identify groups of disciplines. These include structures in their static, dynamic and fluid interaction aspects, mechanics, systems, and probabilistic aspects of engineering.

One of the objectives of this activity was to reach the international context, through conducting reasearch on topics of wide interest and in accordance to the needs of industrial development. This effort concerns domains such as structures, systems, instrumentation and flight mechanics.

On the other hand, Torino hosted a lively scientific activity, due in particular to Cicala, which in certain areas reached levels of excellence and opened, with considerable advance with respect to the international state of the art, new thinking and research paths. In order to address these emerging challenges, it was necessary to master physical and mathematical knowledge at a level sufficient for easily using the required instruments. This step would allow to follow research advances in a wide domain, as well as to drive and supervise the activities of young researchers. Therefore, research thinking was oriented towards foundational aspects, with the goal to better support the activities of a number of young colleagues, now widely recognised, on topics of timely interest at an international level.